Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Old New Beetle

I've always wanted to model one of those "vis-dev"cars how Dongjin puts it. Initially, the design started as a generic designed car and after a couple of revisions it still lacked character and I decided to go with a design that catches my eye at a car park lot. The New Beetle. I think it's really the yellow.

Did a bit of research into the New Beetle and was quite surprised it is still being revamped. And they just keep getting better while retaining the essence of the design.

There was a great amount of time and effort devoted to troubleshooting materials, isolating material settings, remaking materials and tweaking render settings. Most of the artifacts have been removed but it's still noisy even after a 6 minute per frame render... lol. I definitely learned much in refining the renders and what each slider and button does. There's more to this car project I have plans for but it will have to do for now as a stand alone.

Indeed Tareq, the last 20% requires 80% more everything.

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