Monday, November 5, 2012


I logged onto facebook one day and saw this!

Look at him, sooo well proportioned!
It is done by Jon Di Venti, the Great. I immediately dropped every thing I did. It has been some time since I've seen a design that made me want to come back to see more of it. It's a great design and I had to sculpt it. Honestly, I already began sculpting while I awaited his permission.
RIP wacom4

As always life works in wondrous ways- Wacom4 had to break. Maybe Karma hit me because I sold wacom3 to Italy. And my lovely mouse of 6 years double clicks all the time with one click. (I'll sell it to anyone if anyone needs that function.) And my flip flops snapped. This period of time has been a time of breakage and renewal. Sigh... Anyway back to the sculpt.

This was done in Zbrush from the default zsphere and dyameshed after. And then retopoed in Qremesher. Rendered using VRay. Post done in Photoshop. Currently, I feel it is still WIP- there are things I would like to fix. and maybe, just maybe texture it later on.

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