Sunday, September 1, 2013

Benedict Cumberbatch

This was a real challenge for me. It took about 6-7 attempts to try and get some of his likeness. Couldn't work too long to realise the sculpt doesn't look like the person himself. Eyes kept playing tricks on me. Mid way I was very tempted to use Mudbox because of some of the stencils but it's still in Zbrush.

Initial block in with choice of Normal-batch, Sherlock-batch or Khan-batch
Also I've been sick, down with almost everything. It was a real tough time. I still think it doesn't look like him 100%. :( It will have to do for now. Still thinking of taking it to Mudbox.


Amicia Rai said...

That is perfect! O.O
I'm sorry, I'm not an art expert so I cannot really detect any mistake and give you constructive criticism, but for me, that is absolutely wonderful!
You are a very talented person! :)

Marcus Ng said...

Amicia, thanks for your comments. I want to make it better.