Sunday, April 5, 2009


Hello! so yap just got done with this and moving on
with the next project. Hope you Enjoy it.
and yap please crit as usual!


Brendan Carroll said...

Hey Marcus!

I love it! The nameslate had me laughin :P

I think the strongest part is when you slurp up the noodles, looks really loose and alive... then after 13 seconds your hands move too much and your neck stiffens up for some reason. I'd calm the hands down and concentrate on the bodily gesture,like the shoulders and neck... keeping a relaxed and passive facial expression. Make sure your eye expressions stay alive too during this short time.

I like that you made your hair move dynamically, although it's so dynamic it's distracting, so tone it down. At one point it seems to have a voluntary movement (where you take that last slurp.) Have it barely move, only so you feel it rather than see it.

Wasn't there more dialoge in your concept piece? Are you going to work on that too?

Keep at it! Very strong piece. Love the lighting, very atmospheric.


Marcus Ng said...

whoa thanks brenospeno!!! right on on all as always.