Tuesday, November 4, 2008


me samsung phone, u600. this was an old file used to test the current nurbs renderfarm compatibility.




Anonymous said...

Fantastic! I'm a director for a phone warehouse and we need 3D phones for marketing dept. Your phone looks just the jip!

Feel free to contact me and we'll negotiate a deal immediately.

Francesco Giroldini said...

wow, you just got a comment from a phone warehouse director ,wowwww I hope you're gonna make lots of money!... lol

Marcus Ng said...

to whoever it may concern,
please direct all mails to markersng@gmail.com

Eiki Iwamura (Young Hee Huh) said...

wow! lucky u, Marcus!

zongyu said...

uhhm... why do i feel its a prank?

/me look at the timing on Anonymous and Francesco...hmmm ???

Marcus Ng said...

haha thanks zy, i knew it when i first saw it.

beetle said...

more virtual than a real phone